Growing Your Audience (PT. 1)

How can we use social media to amplify our voice for our business? 

One of the main ways to grow your audience and customer base is to ENGAGE them using social media.  Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram you have a direct link to your audience.  What we have found is that this is a vastly overlooked tool for business owners.  They are waiting to hear your story, you just have to share.  

Another angle is to share the wins as well as the losses inside your business.  Dont forget that your business is an extension of you.  And as hard as you try, I'm sorry to say you are not perfect.  We fail, we fall, and we get back up.  When you open up your company and let your audience in, they want to see your brand try and grow.  So don't be afraid to fail and dont be afraid to let your audience see you fail.  This is where you can build brand loyalty and really grow your base. 

Sean RichardsonComment